Surface Tension

25 April – 1 May 2021 Sunday to Saturday

This workshop is based on sharing my approach to my own work, where I use cloth, stitch, and collage to create mood and narrative. There will be demonstrations designed to give an insight into some of my favourite techniques, and the way I use them to achieve the desired effect. We will play with some unorthodox ways to use your materials, including rip, melt, and burn ; stain, mark, and print ; layer, conceal, and reveal. The inclusion of distressed and manipulated fabric, paint and paper, and odd found materials, allows you to create many different qualities and textures in a surface to work on. The final layer is created with thread and stitch, which further transforms the surface. You can put these skills into practice, making a series of small samples to experience how they can work to support your own personal themes and interests. With these examples, you can create a simply constructed study book for your future reference.

Workshop Info

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