Upcoming Workshops

My workshops happen all over New Zealand, and sometimes overseas as well.
The workshops fall into two main categories :
a) on books and book binding
b) concerned with cloth and stitch.
However, these two areas often crossover or combine.
The development of personal ideas and expression always plays an important role.
check out workshop examples.

Surface Tension   » 25 September – 26 September 2021   » Saturday / Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
Tauranga New Zealand
contact » Sue Lee   Info » Sue Lee   Bookings » suzee075@gmail.com

Journal with Fabric Cover   » 25 March – 27 March 2022   » Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Orewa College Riverside Road. Orewa. NZ
contact » Embroiderers Great Escape   Info » embroiderersgreatescape.com/classes-2022   Bookings » embroiderersgreatescape.com/classes-2022

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