surface tension

working into, onto, and through the surface

Working in to, on to, and through the surface : experiment with some of my favourite tricks and techniques, aimed at making your cloth more exciting and your stitch more expressive.
We will stitch (of course) and discuss printing on your fabric. We will rip, melt, and burn ; layer, bond, and gild. Then you can play with the many combinations of these to create luscious and diverse surfaces for use in your own designs and creative textile work.

Lesson Plan

Working on a series of small samples during this workshop will give you the opportunity to try out some of the techniques mentioned in the class outline. Then we can use combinations of these processes to help you to develop your ideas into pleasing designs. These samples could be developed later into finished pieces, or incorporated into larger works. Or they could form part of a book.

Requirement List

Things to bring :
For the purposes of this workshop, my suggestion is that you work on some small samples, say about 200 x 150 mm. ( this is not a limitation, merely a suggestion )
You may wish to work to a theme, so bring along any images or objects that inspire you.
You’ll need all your usual ‘tools of the trade’ – scissors, pins, needles, etc.
Bring some plain backing fabric to build your work on to. ( calico and flannelette are my main choices )
Also a variety of the threads you like to use, and needles to suit your threads. I use mostly cotton perle no. 8 ( or similar weight ) along with finer threads for contrast, and for sewing on attachments.
A selection of small fabric pieces to use in ‘collage’ – look for contrast and variety in colours, patterns, types of fabric. If you have a theme, keep that in mind when choosing.
Bring some transparent stuff, like organza, ( synthetic and / or silk ) chiffon, lace. some pale or white lightweight silk or cotton.
and a small amount of vliesofix. ( = fusible web )
Bring a few beads, buttons, found objects, embellishments of any kind, that you might like to incorporate into your work.
Bring a couple of photocopies of small images or photos – these should be black and white photocopies, clear high contrast images. ( I’ll have some for you to use too )
If you can, please bring some incense sticks, a tea-light candle, and a box of matches.
And a hand towel, or kitchen paper towels.
There will be a charge of $10 per person to cover supplies and equipment, and notes that I provide.

Venue Requirements

The main requirements for a workshop venue are: Ample table space for all participants and appropriate seating.
A couple of extra tables for me and my stuff.
Access to water, but not necessarily a sink in the room.
Good lighting. Power points.

texture sample 1

leaf 10


class work Te Kuiti 2011

class work Te Kuiti 2011

class work Te Kuiti 2011

class work Te Kuiti 2011

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Workshop Info

6 hours a day for 2 days

Skill Level » suitable for all levels
Class Size » 15
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