Textiles with Attitude

22 September – 28 September 2007

Textiles with Attitude. This workshop is based on sharing my approach to my own work, which tends towards the introspective and personal, enlivened with a good dollop of humour and fantasy. I use mixed media collage and hand stitching to focus on the intimate detail of my stories. There will be demonstrations and exercises designed to give an insight into my favourite techniques, and the way I use them to achieve the desired effect. This will lead on to the development of original design work, and sampling to explore fresh concepts. The aim of this work will be to find new ways to create character in your work, to capture atmosphere and feeling, to tell your own story in your own voice. We will play with some unorthodox ways to use fabric and stitch: „« rip / melt / burn „« stain / distress / mark / print „« layer / conceal / reveal / connect Also, there will be a little digging and delving, encouraging you to find the links and associations particular to your own mind. Here is an opportunity to develop these to extend your imagination and visual vocabulary, and to communicate an individual narrative quality in your work.

Workshop Info