Organise a Workshop

guidelines for organising a workshop

anyone can organise one of my workshops.
the first thing to decide is.......what do you want to do ? and will enough other people want to do it with you ?
I am happy to discuss the content of an existing workshop with you, or to tailor something to suit your particular requirements. take a look at workshop examples, and also at images of my work, and find something that appeals to you.
Then contact me by phone or email, and we can sort out the details.
you need to have the number of participants that will make the workshop a viable proposition for you to run. that means you need to cover all your costs, ( which might include venue hire, advertising, phone calls, etc.) and my charges, which are $50 per hour of teaching time, my accommodation and food, and travel expenses.
so you need to work out a budget, and figure out what you will have to charge your participants. that part of it is entirely your business.
Then I will just turn up and do the work.

For details of typical Workshops see "Workshop Examples".