Surface tension / Stitched Stories

24 February – 29 February 2012 Saturday to Thursday, a whole week to play !
or choose to do the 2 day or the 4 day workshop

Surface Tension : working in to, on to, and through the surface Working on a series of small samples will give you the opportunity to try out some of my favourite tricks and techniques. We will experiment with : stitch / print / rip, melt, and burn / mark and stain / layer, bond, and gild . Then you can use combinations of these processes to develop your own designs. Stitched Stories : This workshop brings together two of my great passions, stitching and book making, to create a precious memory, or a fabulous fiction, or a personal journal. We will begin by making a beautiful cover, stitched and embellished to your own design, and then we’ll go on to create the fabric pages to go in your book. You will learn a very simple binding method, which will allow you to bind the pages into your book at any stage of the process. I will supply specially chosen materials to make the basic book structure, which will form the foundation for your experiments with cloth and stitch. You can try out several of my favourite techniques for creating interesting effects with your materials, and begin to build the content of your book.

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