Mixed Media Mischief

21/ 07/2024 – 28 July 2024 2 Sundays 10 am to 3 pm

an exciting exploration of all sorts of wild and wonderful ways of getting colour, pattern, image and words on to the page. For many years I have been fascinated with my own, and other people’s personal journals. Now I have a great collection of examples with widely differing styles and approaches. In this workshop I will share and demonstrate these ideas. You will have an opportunity to try them out, and develop something that works for you. I will bring lots of ‘stuff’ for you to play with. Sometime in the second session I will make suggestions about books that can be useful as journals, and show you some options. And I can explain how you can put your pages together in a very simple way, if you wish. This is not intended to be a book binding workshop, instead we’ll be concentrating on pages and content. You can also bring along books you already have, hand made or otherwise, to work in if you wish. PS. You don’t have to do any drawing at all if you don’t want to (So don’t be put off by that thought) And NB Journals don’t have to be about anything, Mine are a cross between a place to muck around and play about, and diary entries. A journal can just be a way of exploring your ideas and thoughts and ‘keeping your hand in’.

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