« 2005 »

the 'ladies', ( of which 'the sisterhood' is a sub series) have absorbed my interest intermittently for more than two years now. These pieces consist of small fabric collages, in which I use discarded scraps to create an image with attitude. It seems to me that these 'ladies' are developing into observations of the human condition. I pay attention to their stories. I am aware of a strong sense of recognition of their states of being.
Here in some of this work, I have used old kimono linings, already joined, patched, and stained.......fragile, unassuming, irregular, intimate, simple. Also pieces left over or salvaged from other works, or passed on to me by friends and relations, or collected from opportunity shops.
I like to reclaim materials that have passed through other's hands, or have lived through another incarnation, accumulating significance and a spiritual dimension along the way. The practices of recycling, patching, mending and making do, are so much a part of our textile traditions. Those of us working in this field tend to have a reverence for cloth such as this, imbued as it is, with stories of the past


taia gallery, wellington

cloth and stitch (SOLD)