shaped folding books built in board and paper

create your own story – truth or fiction – using colour, texture, image, and words on the fold out pages of your own wild and wonderful book construction.
all base materials provided

Lesson Plan

There will be several different options for you to play with. The basic idea will be to cut shapes out of mat board, and to collage / paint / embellish them before stitching, or gluing them together. I will show examples of differing shapes and structures, and how to use a couple of multi - purpose hinging stitches.

Requirement List

Your main objective before the class will be to collect your collage elements.
You can use almost anything, just stick with reasonably light weight paper….. for instance, photocopies are much easier to work with than actual photos.
As an example, in one piece I have used a wrapping paper showing old text and music for a base covering, and collaged cut out elements from photocopies of old photos on to that. see image.
I am sure you will have a collection of colours, textures, and images tucked away somewhere, from old calendars, magazines, books….also any found objects and memorabilia.…… Bring plenty to choose from, or select to support a theme.
and you will need decorative paper for covering the outside surface of your construction.
You will need to bring all your usual tools including:
Sharp pencil, good ruler, scissors, a decent sized snap blade craft knife, a cutting mat, a glue stick.
also : set square, awl, pair of compasses,…..if you have them
a glue brush, and small pots for water / glue.
a couple of wiping cloths, a hand towel, lots of shiny junk mail for messy gluing
acrylic and metallic paints, if you want to use them, and paint brushes, and something to mix your paints on.
If you are into rubber stamping stuff, you could bring that too.
threads………I use mostly perle cotton no 8, and will have this available for your use sewing needles (I use size 18 or 20 Tapestry needles) for ‘binding’ the book
I have found that acrylic binder medium is a good adhesive for applying larger pieces of paper to the boards……….you can buy the Atelier brand medium, from the Warehouse Stationery for around $13 for a 250 ml bottle, which lasts a long time.
I will provide board for the basic constructions, and the threads.
If you have an idea in mind that requires specialist materials, please bring them with you, as I may not have what you need .
I will have lots of extra bits available in the way of papers, collage stuff, paints, gesso, etc, etc…..
I will bring all the essential equipment, so if you don’t have some of this stuff don’t worry.
There will be a charge of $10 per person to cover all this.


Paris by Jay Hales. class work in progress

what lies within us by Suzanne. class work in progress

running wild by Helen Smith. class work in progress

icon book by Diana Bahler. class work.

Workshop Info

6 hours a day for 2 or 3 days

Skill Level » suitable for all levels
Class Size » 15
Cost » $50 per hour plus travel and accommodation