make your mark

mark : a visible impression

This workshop is an opportunity to take part in an exploration of the expressive working surface, by finding a way to allow the cloth and the surface stitchery to communicate in your work.

Lesson Plan

We will consider :
„« how to add another dimension with unique stitching, to create focus and complexity, to transform the surface in many ways
„« how to manipulate and alter your cloth, make your materials work for you, use layers to create depth and illusion
„« how to produce imagery and text on fabric to enhance the narrative quality of your work
We will check out images and samples of work by various artists that will interest and inspire you.
Then you can apply any of the techniques discussed to create your own example of original design, or one based on the tutor¡¦s samples.

Requirement List

Things to bring :
For the purposes of this workshop, my suggestion is that you work on some small samples, say about 200 x 150 mm. ( this is not a limitation, merely a suggestion )
You may wish to work to a theme that interests you, so bring along any images or objects that inspire you.
You will need all your usual tools of the trade : scissors, pins, needles, threads, etc.
Bring some backing fabric to work on to. Calico is usually my choice
And a bunch of small fabric pieces to use in collage : look for contrast and variety in colours, patterns, types of fabric.
Bring some transparent stuff, like organza, ( synthetic and silk ) chiffon, lace. And a small amount of pale or white lightweight silk.
And some vliesofix, small pieces will do.
Bring a few beads, buttons, found objects, attachments of any kind, that you might like to incorporate into your work.
Bring a few photocopies of small images, text, or photos. these should be black and white photocopies, clear high contrast images. ( I will have some for you to use too )
If you can, please bring some incense sticks, a tea light candle, and a box of matches.
There will be a charge of $10 per person to cover odd supplies and notes that I provide.

postcard 5

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slow falling light detail

class work Q 2012

class work Q 2012

class work Q 2012

class work Q 2012

class work Q 2012

Workshop Info

6 hours a day for 1 to 5 days

Skill Level » suitable for all levels
Class Size » 12