cut and shuffle

the art of design and the design of art

To warm up, a few exercises using black and white papers will encourage you to explore possible design alternatives. Then you will create several experimental and inherently random collage compositions, with paper and colouring media.
Through a process of cutting, re arranging, and cropping these collages, you will isolate design diagrams that can be translated into a series of hand stitched samples of an abstract nature. Then you will be able to join these panels together to form a concertina display booklet.
We will consider : compositional elements, contrast and relationship, personal style and interpretation, and the mark of your stitch.

Requirement List

All your usual paper working supplies, such as : cutting mat and cutting knife, scissors, pencils, ruler, Sellotape, glue stick ( not liquid glue ) waste paper (like junk mail) for messy work.
A cheap A4 cartridge pad, white, about 20 sheets. I use a ‘Das’ one that costs about $4.
The same in black ( you’ll probably need less of the black )
A couple of old magazines to cut up. Something with colour and pattern.
Colouring media of your choice : coloured pencils, acrylic or watercolour paints, oil pastels, or crayons.
Cardboard to create cropping frames. White or black.
Then the stitching stuff : You’ll need all your usual ‘tools of the trade’ – scissors, pins, needles, etc.
Some plain backing fabric as a base for your work. Calico and flannelette are my choices. I usually work on 2 backing layers.
A selection of small fabric pieces to use in your ‘collage’ – look for contrast and variety in colours; plain and patterned; different types of fabric, but mostly cottons. Include some transparent stuff, like organza, or chiffon, and a few special accents, such as lace.
A variety of the threads you like to use, and needles to suit your threads. I use mostly cotton perle no.8, which is a good weight for the work you’ll be doing in this class. also bring finer threads for contrast, and for sewing on attachments.
Bring a good range of threads, in different colours, also multi coloured stuff, if you have it.
And some vliesofix, ( fusible webbing, aka steam-a-seam or bondaweb ) small pieces will do.
Bring a few beads, buttons, found objects, attachments of any kind, that you might like to incorporate into your work.

work by Carolynne

work by Robyn W

work by Annette

work by Jenny

work by Robyn SS

work by Alison


Workshop Info

6 hours hours a day for 4 to 5 days days

Skill Level » suitable for all levels
Class Size » 15